Tips For Patients Who Suffers With Bloating And Gas


                             Tips For Patients Who Suffers With Bloating And Gas

o   Avoid chewing gum, drinking carbonated juices and foods that intend to swallow excess food.
o   Avoid foods that contain sugars, spicy foods, strong coffee and tea.
o   Avoid eating various foods at a time.
o   Maintain a balance and healthy diet.
o   People who suffer with bloating should get rid of tensions and physical activities.
o   Breathing exercises and yoga are necessary at the time of bloating.
o   Chew food properly that you eat, it restricts bad breath to enter in.
o   Workout regularly.
o   Try to avoid dairy products such as milk, eggs etc…
o   Avoid straws possibly as it allows excess air enter into tract.
o   Do not sleep as soon as you eat food.
o   Increase potassium rich foods as they balance fluids in the body.
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