Sunday Health Tips

Sunday Health Tips
Reduce Cholesterol: Grind equal amounts of fenugreek and coriander seeds and mix a tablespoon of mixture with a glass of water and consume before going to bed.
Reduce Bad Cholesterol: Cinnamon is treated as the powerful antioxidants. Addition of this herb in regular diet minimizes bad cholesterol levels and also learnt that it cures type-2 diabetes. Take a cinnamon stick and put in the water, boil for few minutes keeping in simmer and drink the mixture once or twice a day.
Relieves Cold: Blend two teaspoons of honey and same quantity of ginger juice. This mixture helps relieve expectorate mucus, common cold, sore throat and cough.
Relieves Acidity: Two teaspoons of ghee mixed with a glass full of warm milk reduces the acidity caused by the extra flow of pitta where this mixture acts as a thin liner inside the gut.
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