SIDE EFFECTS OF MICROWAVE OVEN

1.Frequently having junk food from a microwave oven causes life long brain injury and damaging the brain tissues.

2.In microwaved food,the human body can’t metabolize nameless byproduct.

3.By eating repeatedly microwaved food,stops the production of male and female hormones.

4.Result of microwaved food by products are life long inside the human body.

5.By microwaved food,all minerals,vitamins and nutrients  decreases  or  the human body gets low or no advantage or the human body hold  compounds that can’t be run down.

6.When vegetables are cooked in microwave ovens ,minerals change into cancerous free radicals.

7.They cause intestinal and stomach cancer tumors,improves rate of colon cancer in America.

8.Continue eating of microwaved food causes cancerous cells to improve in human blood.

9.Regular  intake of microwaved food produce immune system deficiencies  through changing the blood serum and lymph gland.

10.Microwave food produce concentration,loss of memory,emotional instability and reduces intelligence.
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