Natural Way In Curing Diabetes Is “Lady Finger”

                  Natural Way In Curing Diabetes Is “Lady Finger”

There is an easy tip to control diabetes from lady finger. Cut 2 or 3 lady finger in the center and put them in full glass of water and soak them for overnight. Early morning take out lady finger and drink water before having breakfast. By having this water regularly would help in decreasing sugar levels. Much easy way comparing costly and painful medication. Raw vegetable is preferred when compared boiled one.

G.I is known as Glycemic index. People who are suffering from sugar should have Glycemic index in their diet. In Okra nearly 20 G.I is available and is very less. Sugar patients can have simple okra recipes in their meals and can control sugar levels.
Lady finger is also used to prevent our body from various kinds of kidney problems. High level of sugar will affect our both kidneys. Having average amount of okra daily in the diet will prevent our kidneys.
They are important to maintain our kidneys healthy. Soluble fibers play the major role in digestion of carbohydrates. It is enriched in lady finger. It takes time for the digestion and reduces the sugar levels in blood.

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