One of the common harmful and infections that are easily affected is common cold and cough, mostly during season change and utmost winters. We are highly influenced to runny nose and that makes us annoy due to its symptoms, distress and patience to stay. We meet people at our work place and elsewhere who are affected with virus of cold and develop a running nose in less time. Prevention is better than cure. Below are some medication that works for raunchy nose. We need to be very careful to avoid infections.
·         If we are affected from viral, you need to rest for couple of days. Antibiotics would not work. Firstly, make sure that always blow out daily and be gentle while cleaning the nose or it develops rashes which cause pain, swelling increase irritation.
·         Apply available nasal drops or saline water in each nostril for 3 or 4 times daily and ensure that you apply properly and stay for a while.
·         Steam is effective way. Take a big bowl of water and boil it appropriately, cover your head over the bowl with blanket and breathe deeply as you can.
·         Couple of homemade foods could help in curing runny nose. Having chilly in food would help decongest the nose and chest area, have hot ginger and black pepper tea, take citrus fruits like oranges and lemon in hot water and honey.
·         Breathing exercises like deep and control breathing can help open the chest area and gets relief. Make yourself warm and avoid AC for some days until you feel comfortable.
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