Health Benefits Of Carrots

Health benefits of carrots
For skin: Carrots are nutrious for skin.Vitamin A and antioxidants secure the skin from sun injury. Carrots arrests acne, dryskin, premature, wrinkling and ease you to get brighter skin.
For eyes:Carrots are rich of Vitamin A and B which improves your eye sight.
Cancer:Carrots improves the immunity power and  helps to fight with cancer.
Bad cholesterol: Having carrot everyday helps to separate the bad cholesterol from the body.
Brain:Carrots have high calories which improves the memory function of a children.
Stress: To reduce from stress, take glass of carrot juice regularly.
For a healthy heart: Carrots are rich with Beta-carotene, Alpha-carotene and lutein which helps to lessen the risk of heart problems.
Cleanse the body: Carrots has fiber which helps to clear out the colon and decreases the fat in the liver.
Powerful Antiseptic: According to herbalists, carrots can be used for avoiding infection and can also be applied on cuts-boiled or shredded raw.
Anti-Aging:The beta-carotene in the carrots helps to reduce down the aging cells in the body.
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