Decreasing spots or losing fat from a different part of the body remains the biggest challenge for people trying to lose weight. If one special part of our body is a little “chubbier” than it is sufficient to us sleepless nights. If you have experienced, then no doubt you suffer from the simple problem of celluite or stubborn fat. Not being able to get rid of flabby areas has remained a depressing controversy for many girls, because the unattractive, dimpled appearance normally hits areas like arms, tummy, thighs and ankles.
Here are the 3 ways to tackle this issue, without trying it out in the gym daily…
Do you know that you are really living with the criminals induce stubborn fat to keep building on? The first step to get rid of this issue is accept the fact and refuses to stay with it! Here it is:
·         If you smoke or drink, be cautioned that it brings a lot of pressure on our body’s lymphatic system, which can start to stubborn weight gain. One of the most essential things you can do towards assist decreasing spot is to give up smoking and drinking.

·          Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily to hydrate your body well. Water increases circulation of blood to every cell of your body, which burn out toxins.
·         Have a healthy diet pattern which includes lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your meals. Ignore junk food, fizzy drinks (includes the diet ones), prepared foods like chips, namkeen, and other greasy, fried snacks. Also have limited sugar and salty food intake as it irritate fluid retention.
·         Talk to your doctors about your ideal weight and stick to the certain range. Losing and gaining weight can often can start the skin to sag and it can turn in to very difficult to tone.
We ensure you that we can indulge ourself silly and still get ride of the solid cellulite and we need not follow a military practice to lossen our fat..
·         Use a loofah every day while bath. This painless trick promotes blood and lymph flow, removes lifeless skin and motivate new cell growth. Instead of loofah , you can also use a towel.

·         Bath in warm water, not too hot, and finally finish it with a cold shower. The warm water will open up the pores on the skin and purifies you, and lastly the cold shower will give you a soft tonning effect.
·         Frequently go for body massages and sauna bath monthly twice. Massages certainly don’t melt the fat, but they stimulates circulation in the cellulite ridden area and cause the decreases quickly along with food and exercise.
3.      You do not need a gym:
   It is a story that you need to warmup in a gym every day to get in shape. You can also do it with easy and simple exercises in the luxury of sitting in your own room, your terrace or garden, or a nearby park.
·         Do exercises daily at least 5 times a week. This can involve our favourite Bollywood dances, zumba or common spot jogging. We can choose our favourite form of activity, but get moving!
·         Exercises which involves a lot of stretching are very useful. Yoga or swimming for example, can be used to make our body flexible. With yoga, you can even have asanas for certain parts of the body, hence targeting the cellulite.
·         Other physical exercises like jogging, skipping, cycling, running etc which is very useful a lot when it reaches to dealing with cellulite. We can do it according to our comfort of our home or garden. The simple thing to remember is being daily.
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